Verity- A true principle or belief, of essential, fundamental importance Registration Opens June 24th Verity- A true principle or belief, of essential, fundamental importance Verity- A true principle or belief, of essential, fundamental importance Verity- A true principle or belief, of essential, fundamental importance Verity- A true principle or belief, of essential, fundamental importance

A Graduation Celebration Event

Verity Academy East Bay plans to offer a Graduation Event at the end of each academic year, to celebrate the eighth-grade students who are promoting into high school, and the senior students who have qualified to graduate from high school. We aspire to have this be a very special, memorable occasion for each of the graduates, celebrating who they are and how God is working in their life. Because this is an event celebrating home educated students, any family which joins this year, with a senior, must show that they have been privately home educated for at least two of the student’s past three years, in order to participate in Verity Academy’s graduation event.

The following are a few of the policies in place in regards to graduating and our Graduation Event

  • Participation in our Graduation Ceremony is by mutual consent, and senior students must cooperate and communicate respectfully with all volunteers in order for our celebration to honor God with unity and thankfulness.
  • Graduation Ceremony is dependent upon parents with students in 7th, 8th, 11th or 12th grade volunteering their time before, during and/or after the ceremony. Please sign up for your first choice of committee to work with. You will find the Graduation Volunteer document as part of the registration process. If your student will not participate in graduation this year or next, you do not have to volunteer in this manner.
  • Parents must understand that while they may design another individual course of study, the students must meet Verity Academy’s graduation requirements in order to receive a diploma from the Academy. Verity Academy will only issue diplomas to Full and Paper Work Only Members. Partnered Members eligible for 8th or 12 grade graduation may participate in Graduation Ceremonies and will receive a diploma authorized/issued by their private school, but purchased by Verity Academy.
  • For Paperwork Only Members- If your family has an 8th or 12th grade eligible graduate, ceremony participation can be arranged, if desired, by the parents serving on one of the graduation volunteer committees. Diplomas are provided and authorized by the Academy once transcripts are approved
  • Our graduating seniors will be celebrated/highlighted during the graduation event in the following ways: In summary, the graduation event will highlight you as a graduate in several very special ways: Graduates will have a seat of honor at the graduation event, wearing provided cap and gown. Each will have a slideshow featuring about 18 photos from their life. A short Bio will be read about each—their interests, achievements, character, goals, and plans for the future. Each will be presented with a diploma and go through the ceremony of ‘turning the tassel’ as well as a formal procession and recession of graduates into and out of the sanctuary. Seniors will make a short ‘speech’. Graduate and parents will be prayed over• Seniors will be featured on several pages of the yearbook as well. After the recessional there will be more fun group photos in cap and gown. Additionally, seniors will have the option of sharing a talent, achievement or skill which they have been working on through the high school years (public speaking, playing a musical instrument, singing, recitations, dance) OR they may create a project presentation board to be set up in the foyer, which will highlight to our guests their talents and awards in a visual manner.
  • Eighth grade students will receive a promotion certificate, will be prayed over, will be featured in a slideshow, and may additionally have the option of sharing a talent during the graduation event.
  • At the time of registration, there will be an additional fee to be paid to aid in the cost of the graduation event.  If you have an 8th grade student, the additional fee is $50, and if you have a senior graduate the additional fee is $100.  
  • It is our hope to also host a reception for all students and families with their guests following the event. Parents willing to serve on the Reception Committee will be required.