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Graduation Committee Leads

Graduation is traditionally the biggest school event at Verity Academy East Bay. It requires many different people working together to create a God-honoring, celebratory, and respectable ceremony that commemorates all the time and effort that graduates and their parents have invested in their homeschool educations.


We are taking a new approach to planning and executing graduation this year in order to streamline the process and use our volunteers’ time as efficiently as possible. Instead of having a board member be responsible for the whole event and managing the 20-something volunteers and graduates, we would like to see one of you volunteer to coordinate the event and 5 of you volunteer to be committee leaders. Here is how we hope it will work:


In the fall, the Graduation Coordinator will work and make decisions with the input and support of the Board of Directors. Then, starting in January, he or she will meet with the Committee Leads to make plans and set timelines for the decorations, reception, flow of the event, technology needs, and communication with the graduates and their families. Then, starting in February or March, each Committee Lead will organize their committee to accomplish these plans in a timely matter up to and including the day of graduation.


We realize that coordinating graduation and serving as a committee lead is a little more work than just showing up to do things. Because of this reality, we have arranged for the graduation service of these 6 volunteers to count as both the required graduation service and either all (Graduation Coordinator) or part (Committee Leads) of the regular volunteer credits required of all members.


All parents of 7th, 8th, 11th, or 12th graders who would not like to take on a leadership role will fill the body of each committee. This will fulfill your graduation service requirement but will not count towards the regular volunteer credits required for all Verity families.


As a board, we would love to see graduation be an event that glorifies God, celebrates graduates, and encourages homeschooling families of all ages. Graduation is a reminder that, with God’s help, we can homeschool well and enjoy a big party at the end of these years with everyone who has supported and helped us along the way.