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Communication Contract 2024-25

We live in a fast-paced, busy world, with many things vying for our attention. For Verity Academy East Bay to be a mutually satisfying partnership, we need each member to be committed to reading and responding in a timely manner to all communications and deadlines that ask for your reply. Timely responses are critical for an effective homeschool community- not only between the board and the member families but also between one another. Good communication helps us support one another, plan well for enriching activities, and foster real relationships between us, our kids, and our families. It also takes effort! Let’s respect one another’s time and energy by answering emails or texts the first time we’re asked. We ask for your kind cooperation in this matter.

By clicking yes in the registration process, I agree to check my email account regularly and respond in a timely manner (within 72 hours). I will also notify the Board of Directors if I experience a situation which impacts my ability to access or respond to email. I understand that if I do not make an effort to communicate effectively and efficiently, I may lose access to Verity Academy’s website and forum until I restore communication, which means I would not be able to sign-up for events or see what is happening next. I will also be held accountable for all deadlines and accompanying late fees that may accrue while I do not have website access. If acceptable levels of communication cannot be maintained, my enrollment with Verity Academy East Bay may be terminated as outlined in the Parent Teacher Policy.