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Ways We Gather as a Community

There are LOTS of opportunities for connecting, forming friendships and enjoying healthy socialization within Verity Academy East Bay! The majority of events, activities, classes or gatherings of any sort are products of volunteer effort. With few exceptions, all opportunities for students, teachers or families are possible only if a Verity Academy member volunteers to put in the time and effort to coordinate the event. Verity is what we make it!  Below you can see our vision for what we hope is offered. You can view the Volunteer Service Opportunity document for a full listing of options for how to get involved.

Here is an abbreviated list of ways we have gathered together as a community over the years:

  • Park Days - two or three times per month, most months
  • Fieldtrips - tours, history and science museums, plays at local theaters
  • Outdoor Activities - hikes, adventures
  • Indoor PE options - bowling, ice skating, Trampoline Jumping
  • Class Electives - art, ASL, science, finances, sewing, photogaphy
  • Holiday Craft Classes for Elementary Students
  • Fellowship Clubs - quarterly gatherings for high school and junior high students
  • Monthly Gatherings for Teaching Moms-FUN and support
  • Back-to-School Family Picnic in the Park
  • Mother Daughter Tea Party
  • Dad's Gatherings
  • Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Mother/Son Activities
  • Graduation Event
  • Yearbook Creation
  • And More!

There is something for everyone when it comes to getting connected at Verity!