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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a PSP? We are a Private Satellite Program, which means that Verity Academy provides guidance, counsel, support, forms and record collection and storage, while the parents provide direct instruction to and evaluation of their own children.

2. My child attends a hybrid homeschool program with a public charter school, can we be partnered members?  Verity's mission is to encourage, support, and assist private, Christian, home-educating parents. Families enrolled in a public charter school are not eligible for any of the membership options offered at Verity Academy.  

3. If I enroll my senior, will they be able to participate in graduation? Verity Academy requires that a student be enrolled for a minumum of 11th and 12th grade to have the option of participating in graduation. 

4. I want to enroll one of my students, but my other children are enrolled in a public school charter. Since I am homeschooling all of them, can I just enroll one with Verity Academy? No, we are a private school PSP and a support group for private Christian home educators, offering family memberships. Basically, all the family members enroll and are welcome at most events which primarily occur during school hours. Since your family has chosen a blend of public and private homeschool options, this doesn’t fall within the ministry scope of Verity Academy.

5. How do I sign up? Simply go to the top right corner of the website, click on the JOIN button, answer the registration questions, authorize your Background Checks, and pay the $75 deposit.

6. How much does your program cost? ALL fees are listed on our Registration Fees Tab, found under What We Offer. There are no monthly fees, co-op fees, or transcript fees.

7. Do I have to sign or agree with a statement of faith? Yes, please read the Statement of Faith on our website, found under What We Believe. When you register, you are asked to support and agree with this Statement of Faith. Our faith in Jesus and the Bible are the foundations of all we do, and why we do it, and how we treat each other. Upholding and encouraging each other in our mutual faith in Christ is of the highest importance, as we disciple our children to know and love God.

8. Will you provide me with what I need to teach my child? We do not provide you with curriculum or tangible teaching supplies. As a private home educator, it is your privilege and freedom to select and purchase the curriculum which you think will be the best fit for your child. Please consider their interests, learning style, your teaching style, your home culture, schedule, and priorities. We do have a list of recommended curriculum options to get you started on your search.

9. What classes do you offer? We offer whatever our members commit to teaching. All classes, just like events and activities are planned and executed/taught by our volunteering members. Most years we have volunteers who offer 4 holiday craft classes for elementary students and usually a few other elective-style courses. Some are one-time, others are 6-8 weeks, while others might be monthly for the whole year. If you’re interested in teaching a subject to a group of students, we welcome this as your volunteer service!

10. Since I will be homeschooling, how do I tell my child’s (previous) school about that? How do I let them know my child won’t be returning? If you will be a Full Member with Verity Academy, we handle sending a request for your student’s CUM file to be transferred to our school. This is their ‘official notice’ since it shows you are enrolled in another (private) school. If you will be a Partnered Member, you will need to use a standardized student CUM file request form to do this. Do not go to the school, call the school, or tell them you are homeschooling. A simple form indicating enrollment at another private school (the one listed on your Private School Affidavit) will suffice. Such forms can be found at Occasionally a public school will ask for more, specifically a California Letter of Withdrawal. You can learn more about this at

11. What if I have a child attending a local public school, but I want to homeschool another child through Verity Academy? Although this often seems to be a difficulty for families, it is okay to enroll your homeschool student in Verity Academy. The other child who is attending school all day will not be attending family/student activities with other Verity Academy families due to their physical attendance elsewhere.

12. How much time do I have to spend homeschooling each day? This is up to the family, the student’s needs and your lifestyle priorities, plus of course, the age of your student. A first grader might focus on academics 1.5-2 hours per day and get many subjects learned. A high school student might spend 6-7 hours on academics per day. There is lots of variation and freedom, as long as your student is learning and thriving!

13. Your calendar online is blank so how would I know what’s going on each week? We use a calendar which members can view on the private website once they log in. More details are given in forums which come as emails to each family enrolled. It’s easy to know what’s going on and how to sign up and get involved in our community!