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Class & Community Policy

Classes and special events offered to Verity Academy East Bay members are intended to be for enrolled students only. Without prior approval, teachers/parents are not at liberty to invite any other children/students to participate or to announce a class to any other homeschooling groups in the area. There are many reasons for this policy including our membership requirements, our collective volunteering, and supporting the fellowship of like-minded families who are pursuing private, Christian, home education.  

If you have a friend who is interested in learning about Verity Academy East Bay or about homeschooling, you can invite them to join us at one of our park days.

Most activities by and for Verity Academy East Bay families will take place in Livermore and around the Tri-Valley area, since this is where the majority of families are located. When we are out in public as a group, we represent all home educators, Verity Academy East Bay, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

Please be courteous and respect the following guidelines with your children whenever or wherever you are in the community, or in any private home of a Verity Academy member.

  1. Please demonstrate respect for authority, property, and the purpose of the activity. 
  2. Encourage children to act respectfully and honorably, in language and behavior, and to treat others with kindness.  Please be mindful and considerate as to what articles or materials your child or teen brings to any event organized by Verity Academy East Bay. 
  3. We value learning, friendships, and fellowship. We expect all students to proactively be responsible and respectful with their devices at every event/class/club.  Students will not be allowed to use or have electronic devices out - exceptions listed in the Parent/Teacher Policy. 
  4. Unless otherwise noted as a drop-off event, parents are responsible for attending all events and activities with their children or making sure they are assigned to a responsible adult to be supervising them.  All students must be respectful of the adult in authority and volunteers in charge of any and all events.
  5. Please do not bring your children to gatherings specifically designated to be for Moms, whether in homes or out in the community.  Nursing babies are the exception. Our desire is to be considerate to our host family, our space limitations, and to other moms in attendance who will want privacy and freedom for sharing and connecting.