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Educational Philosophy


The Task: The primary responsibility for the educational development of children rests not upon the state or the church, but upon the parents.

The Process: Christian education must be carefully conceived and diligently implemented, over 18 years. It’s ideal to think of the process as a marathon, and not a sprint, and that the educational process involves discipleship of the whole student.

The Student: Created in the image of God, each student is a unified personality consisting of spiritual, social, and physical aspects—body, mind, and heart. Each student is unique, valuable and thrives with love and relational attention from those who know him best.

The Curriculum: The organizing medium by which the student, through the educational process, becomes properly oriented to God, to others and to the world for effective living. Parents select and provide their own curriculum according to their assessment of their student. The curriculum will be instrumental in challenging but not overwhelming each student in the educational process.