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Verity Academy East Bay Liability Release 2024-2025

I understand that attendance at and participation in activities through Verity Academy East Bay (VAEB) is at my family’s own discretion and that we as parents are fully responsible for the supervision and safety of our own children at any and all events connected with VAEB.

I understand VAEB provides liability insurance coverage for all its sponsored activities, but that each family is responsible for their own medical coverage, car and house insurance, which in all situations is considered primary to any secondary insurance coverage, which VAEB holds. All transportation to and from activities is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian of each child and any transportation of students in vehicles owned and operated by other individuals is completely by the free choice and under the authority and responsibility of the parents.

In the event of special situations, which may arise out of medical needs or other personally related circumstances which require or result in special transportation, communication, handling, or liability expenses, I agree to assume full financial responsibility for all such related costs. I agree to pay for all my family’s own medical needs and emergencies which may arise during the course of the year.

As a condition of membership in VAEB, my family agrees to hold harmless all parties connected with the operation of VAEB from any claim of or for injury or loss which might result from participation, by any or all of the members, and in any of the meetings, activities, classes or events.

I hereby release Verity Academy East Bay of all liability in the event of injury or bodily harm and for damage or loss of personal goods and belongings.

Additionally, in the situation when I am not in attendance but the need arises for my child, I hereby authorize any VAEB representatives in charge of the activity to take our child(ren) to a doctor or hospital for treatment in case of an emergency. It is understood I can expect quick communication from a VAEB representatives as soon as possible, in such emergency situations.


As legal Guardian or Parent, I agree, as a matter of mutual convenience, that this release extends from June 1, 2024-July 31, 2025.