Verity - A true principle or belief, of essential, fundamental importance Registration Opens May 25th

Membership Options for Verity Academy East Bay

Full Membership: 

All students in 1st-12th grade enrolled as full members with Verity Academy East Bay will be included, in number, in the affidavit on file with the Alameda County Superintendent of Schools. Enrolled in our Private School Satellite Program (PSP), you will receive oversight, a support network, accountability, and recordkeeping assistance for the education which you, the parents, are providing to your children. All enrolled members are eligible to participate in school sponsored events and activities, some of which are grade specific and some will require an additional fee. Full Member Families are required to volunteer during the school year.


Partnered Membership:

This membership is designed for those families who are legally homeschooling in the local area, in accordance with California and Federal Law (through another PSP, OR filing your own Private School Affidavit- under your own school name), who are members of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), and whose student(s) are enrolled in a private, Christian Home Education Program. These members are partnered with the Academy for the purpose of participating in parent support and student activities planned during the school year. Partnered member families are required to volunteer each school year.

*If you would like information about what documentation you should keep at home in California as a partnered member, you can learn more on the HSLDA website here>>(Look at the article titled "The Importance of Record Keeping in California")

*Please keep in mind that If you choose this partnered membership with us, you will not submit paperwork (Back to School, Quarterly, or health forms) to Verity Academy. However, if you file your own affadavit with the state you will need to keep and maintain the same records in your own student files at your home.

*For information on how to withdraw your child from school, see our Partnered Members page after you have enrolled.


Junior Partner Membership:

This membership is designed for those families who are members of HSLDA and whose students are all younger than 6 years old (**), and they are not enrolled in a school or education program for their preschool or Kindergarten years. Parents provide direct instruction to their children but because of public education compulsory attendance laws, they do not yet need to be enrolled in a PSP. Junior Partnered members are eligible to participate in school-sponsored events, classes, and activities for parents and students but because of the young age of your children some may not be appropriate. Being partnered with Verity Academy during your children’s early years will allow you to prepare for home education in the years ahead, and make friends and connection with others pursuing private Christian home education. Families with this membership are required to volunteer less during the school year. See Volunteer commitment form for details.

**A child is REQUIRED by law to be enrolled in school (1st grade) if that child turns 6 years old on or before September 1st.


Not sure if any one of these memberships is right for all of your students? If you have read our parent policies and our membership options and know that we are a homeschool community of private, Christian home educators, but are unsure of enrollment because of your children doing a mix of homeschool and/ or other educational program options, please contact us here. Tell us about your students’ educational situations, and we will reply with any options which might be available to offer you.

Please note: If you do not agree with our statement of faith OR if you have a student homeschooling through a public home education charter school, you are not eligible to register in Verity Academy East Bay.