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Parent Teacher Policy 2024-25


1. We understand that when our children attend school-sponsored activities, we are required to attend with them and are responsible for their behavior, safety, and supervision or we agree to assign a specific adult to supervise and responsibly fill our position. All students and parents attending any and all Verity Academy events and activities must at all times use language, attitudes and behavior which is respectful of God and others.

2. We understand that it is Verity Academy’s desire that gatherings of students and families be structured to encourage and promote fellowship, face-to-face communication, and personal interaction. Therefore, we agree that our students will not be allowed to use or have electronic devices out - with these exceptions:

  • To communicate with a parent or guardian.
  • If one is needed for specific purposes that are essential to a particular activity and has been approved by the board in advance (i.e. photos for scavenger hunt, tablet for note taking, etc.). Maps and payment apps are pre-approved to be used as needed.

3. We understand that due to Verity Academy’s distinctiveness as a Christian homeschool support group, it seeks to provide an environment that is consistent with traditional beliefs of God, the Bible, sexuality, human identity, and gender. We agree to its policy to affirm the traditional use of masculine and feminine pronouns, and we understand that Verity Academy will not allow/employ pronouns or adopted names contrary to a student's biological sex.

4. We understand that Verity Academy is run by a parent volunteer team and Board of Directors and each family is expected to volunteer. We agree to fulfill this requirement. If we cannot fulfill this requirement due to family emergencies or health issues, we agree to contact a Board Member as soon as possible. We understand that failures to commit to or keep the minimum volunteer requirements without approval would result in our membership being suspended until reinstated by the Verity Academy Board of Directors.



1. We understand that we are to pursue a standard of excellence in education by teaching life skills and academics from a Biblical perspective, emphasizing the Word of God as ultimate Truth. We also agree to diligently teach our children a course of study fitting to their capabilities, and to provide parental supervision during school hours. We understand that teaching a class focused on the Bible specifically is required for all students each year.

2. We understand that all students in grades K-12 who are home educated must be privately home educated, and not enrolled in a public homeschool program, since Verity Academy East Bay offers a family membership to all the homeschooled students within a family.

3. We understand that in our home both parents are to be in agreement concerning home education.

4. We understand that as Full Members, while Verity Academy is maintaining student cumulative records for our students, Verity Academy East Bay is not responsible for any student’s actual education.

5. We understand that our children are to be in attendance a minimum of 180 days during the academic school year which runs from August 1st until July 31st.

6. We understand that we are responsible for purchasing or acquiring our curriculum and teaching supplies.



1. We understand that we likely will be contacted throughout the school year by a Board Member concerning paperwork, volunteer commitments, or Academy business. Failure to return phone calls, e-mails or any contact made by a Board Member without cause or in a timely manner could result in the termination of the relationship that we have with Verity Academy or a suspension in our membership. Email is the official form of communication between the Verity Academy Board of Directors and the enrolled families.

2. We understand that if we choose to make any changes during the school year in regard to our children’s enrollment in another school program, public or private, part time, or full, that this would affect our family being members in Verity Academy East Bay. We agree to contact the Board immediately regarding any such changes. We understand that enrolling our children in a different school or educational program which requires more than 8 hours of weekly classroom learning time, will likely mean that we must terminate our association with Verity Academy.

3. We understand that whenever cumulative files need to be transferred from the Academy to another school, except during summer months, there will be a $30 fee.

4. We understand as Full Members, that it is our responsibility to obtain or access the record keeping forms provided by Verity Academy, before the deadline date when they are due. We will keep records and submit the required paperwork by the scheduled dates. If reports are delinquent, we, as parents, agree to pay the late fees as specified. We understand that repeated delinquency results in automatic dismissal from Verity Academy. We will make copies of everything we turn in to the Academy.

5. We understand that Verity Academy East Bay is not Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited, as is the case with many private schools. Although private independent study is a legal option for education in California, it is within the jurisdiction of individual colleges and schools to either accept or deny previous credit earned through Private School Satellite programs such as Verity Academy. Verity Academy will provide as much support and assistance as possible should a need arise but does not accept responsibility for the final decision which rests in the authority of the accepting institution.

6. We understand that we are to maintain our membership with HSLDA for the entire academic year.

7. We understand that all families and their enrolled students must reside in California.

8. We understand that our relationship with Verity Academy East Bay is by mutual consent and that either we or the Academy may terminate this relationship by written notification at any time. Additionally, a breach in any part of the policy may result in our not being offered registration options with Verity Academy in the future.


Selecting the “YES” button indicates that you understand, agree with, and will abide by each policy.