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Graduation Committees

Graduation Committee Service Commitments 2019-20

All parents teaching a student in 7th, 8th, 11thor 12thgrade are required to volunteer to plan and execute the details involved in the annual event. Mom or Dad must select a committee to work with, primarily during the months of March-May, unless your student will not be participating in the graduation ceremony this or next year. Our graduation is usually planned for the first weekend in June. Tasks have been divided into 5 committees, and the number listed next to the committee is the ideal number of parent volunteers estimated to be needed. An abbreviated list of tasks which each committee will handle is listed under the committee title. All details will be given and exact tasks discussed and assigned at the first meeting in February. Committee members will work closely together and in cooperation with other committees and under the supervision of the Graduation Director.


Committee Choices:

Tech/Video/Photos- (2 parents needed)

Work with tech resources at the graduation venue, coordinate group pictures in cap and gown, oversee slideshow production, complete tech check a week before graduation, communicate with all photographers

Communication-(2 parents needed)

Primary communicators with parents and senior graduates, give deadlines, format bios, request, edit and approve speeches, communicate about all needs/opportunities.

Program/Event Content- (3 parents needed)

Work with teachers and students to determine who is presenting/speaking/praying/showing a class demonstration, plan details of rehearsal, flow and procedure of event, collect information and oversee formatting of paper program, create spreadsheet with cues/MC words, run dress rehearsal.

Reception-(5 parents needed)

Establish vision, decide food, decorations, plan for set up and tear down, shop for reception supplies, set up for the event, prep food and beverages before event, and be involved in clean-up of Reception area.

Stage Detail- (3 parents needed)

Plan decorations for stage and foyer, make necessary purchases or props, set up and decorate before event, locate stage hands as needed, clean up and tear down stage, main venue area,  and foyer after event photos are complete.

Event Help & Clean-up- (3 parents needed)

Be at Graduation 2 hrs. before event to help with set-up and reception preparations. Work with Reception Committee to do what is needed for reception to go smoothly. Plan on staying after event to help with clean up. You won’t need to attend any of the planning meetings. Must be a parent of an 11th or 7th grade student.  Be prepared to work up to 8 hours on the day of graduation.